Timothy Paul is the most wonderful gift God has ever given to us. He is our beautiful child. A child of God. We will forever be thankful for the gift of our son. His life challenges us in many ways. It challenges us to be better people, to put others' needs in front of our own, to love a little more, and to cherish the small things in life. Life is a precious gift that we should be thankful for and cherish forever.

Timothy was born on February 16, 2006 at 4:03 am. He weighed 14.8 ounces and measured 11 1/4 inches in length. As soon as Timothy was born he was placed in my arms. He was the most beautiful child I had ever seen. Tears began flowing down my face as I watched my sweet little angel breathing silently in my arms. Timothy was born at 28 weeks gestation with Acrania and Trisomy 18. We did not expect him to survive outside of the womb. We were ecstatic. As I handed Timothy to his daddy I got to see him kick and wiggle about. We spent the most wonderful hour and a half of our lives with our child before he was reborn into the arms of Jesus.






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